Most early banjos were 5-string open-back styles and were played without picks. With the popularity of dance bands in the “Roaring Twenties” more volume was needed and the banjo started being played with a flat pick, which required removing the 5th drone string. This gave birth to the 4-string Tenor and Plectrum banjo which also required using a resonator for increased volume. For the next thirty years, most banjos were made with 4-strings and a resonator.

OME offers four, full size resonator styles for our 11” body size to increase volume and cutting power: the FLATHEAD, OMEGA, SILVER BELL, and MEGAVOX. We also have one STANDARD resonator for our 12” body size.

OME FLATHEAD resonator models are designed closely after prewar Gibson banjos and offer the powerful, cutting response desired for bluegrass music. They utilize a one-piece zinc-alloy flange, a 3-ply maple rim, and our Megatone cast bronze tone ring. They are offered with either the OME or Gibson flange sound holes and are available on our 5-string, 26.25” scale models.

The OMEGA resonator is our most popular and flexible resonator for Tenor, Plectrum, and open-back 5-string models as it is easily added to or removed from any 11” banjo and it gives a full, well balanced, and powerful tone. The SILVER BELL resonators are styled after the popular Bacon and Day jazz banjos of the 1920’s and offer more emphasis on the treble notes while the deep walled MEGAVOX resonator enhances bass, depth, and warmth of any banjo.

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OME Flathead

Prewar Flathead

Silver Bell