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TENOR-PLECTRUM banjos have 22 frets with a scale length between the Tenor and Plectrum. They can consequently be tuned in either Tenor or Plectrum tuning by using the appropriate string gauges to produce a deeper sounding Tenor or a brighter sounding Plectrum with easier reached chords.

OME Tenor-Plectrums banjos have a 22 fret, 23.375” scale and are offered in both 11” and 12” body sizes. Our 11” models are generally brighter and crisper with more punch, while our 12” models emphasize bass, depth, and a warmer tone. Both the 11” and 12” models are available in open-back and in resonator styles. The Omega , Silver Bell, and Megavox resonators are used on our 11” models, and our Standard removable resonator is used on our 12” models. For more information see RESONATORS on our DETAIL web page. They are available in Professional, Custom, and Artist Series models.

Custom Models

Artist Models