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In the early 20th century, the Plectrum banjo evolved out of the original five-string instrument in order to cater to the popular styles of music involving strummed chords. The Plectrum usually has 22 frets, a scale length of 26 to 28 inches, and had the short 5th drone string removed so it could be played with a “flat” or “plectrum” guitar pick. It was originally tuned in “C” tuning CGBD and it can also be tuned like the top four strings of a guitar, which is known as “Chicago tuning” (DGBE).

OME Plectrum banjos are offered in 11” and 12” body sizes with a 22 fret, 26 ¼” scale. Our 11” plectrums are generally brighter and crisper with more punch, while our 12” models emphasize bass, depth, and a warmer tone. Both 11” and 12” models are available in open-back and resonator styles. The Omega, Silver Bell, and Megavox resonators are used on our 11” models, and our Standard removable resonator is used on our 12” models. For more information see RESONATORS on our DETAIL web page. Available in Vintage, Professional, Custom, and Artist Models.