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Chuck and Tanya In this website is presented the OME line of Open-Back, Bluegrass, and Jazz banjos. These instruments have evolved since 1960 and are the result of many years of dedicated effort towards creating exceptional banjos that meet the needs of the most demanding and sophisticated musicians. They embody superior tone, superb playability, unfailing quality, and flawless beauty.

At OME we combine time-proven features of vintage instruments with modern refinements in technology and design. We use the finest materials, custom-make our own metal and wood components, and take whatever time is necessary to do the job right. Most importantly, we maintain a team of talented and dedicated people who take great pride in building the very best.

Over the years, the OME line has grown into a wide variety of Models and Styles which are described in detail in this catalogue. It is my hope that with the comprehensive selection we now offer, we can provide you with the banjo of your dreams, and that you will enjoy playing and owning these instruments as much as we have enjoyed designing and building them.

Charles Ogsbury
President & Founder

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