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OPEN-BACK models shown (L to R): Grand Artist Spring/Hummingbird (long-neck), Grand Artist Renaissance, Minstrel Jubilee, Old-Time Juniper, Gold Bright Angel, and Silver Magician
Open-Back Banjos Group Photo

OME OPEN-BACK banjos capture the spirit and flavor of the classic late 19th and early 20th-century instruments while incorporating modern improvements in construction, playability, and tone. They are offered in 4, 5, and 6-string styles in a variety of models and tonal systems.

Open-Back Tonal Systems

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Open-Back Minstrel/Old-Time & Traditional
Styles Frets Scale Nut Width Peghead
5-String 22 26.250" 1.28" Victorian, Scroll, Artist & Double-cut
XL 5-String 25 31.188" 1.28"
Tenor 19 22.125" 1.22" Artist
Tenor/Plectrum 22 23.375" 1.22" Artist
Plectrum 22 26.250" 1.22" Artist
Guitar 22 26.250" 1.75" Guitar
Open-Back Minstrel/Old-Time & Traditional
Minstrel/Old-Time Open-Back
     OME Minstrel and Old-Time banjos produce an unusually sweet, warm, and woody tone perfect for Old-Time and Irish playing styles. The Minstrel features our 3-ply maple Tone-rim and is standard on the Jubilee models. The Old-Time adds a rolled brass tone ring for increased response, and is standard on the Juniper open-backs. Both the Minstrel and Old-Time styles are offered in 11" and 12" body size and come standard with our "scooped" fingerboard.
Minstrel/Old-Time Open-Back
     OME Traditional banjos offer increased sustain, resonance, and response throughout the entire playing range. They feature a 9/16" curly maple rim with our Silverspun brass and steel tone ring and are standard on Professional, Custom, and Artist Series open-back models.
Traditional Silverspun Open-Back
Sweetgrass guitar & Flushfit resonator        
Traditional Silverspun Open-Back
     Traditional Open-Backs are offered in both the 11" and 12" body size with our optional scooped fingerboard, Megatone sand-cast flathead tone ring, and Flushfit resonator for increased resonance and volume. All Open-Back banjos are available in 4, 5, and 6-string styles.
Sweetgrass guitar & Flushfit resonator

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